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CFSR - PIP - Self Assessment

Welcome to the Department’s Self Assessment Web page

This page will provide you with the assigned leads for the Self Assessment, as well as drafts of the material we plan to include in the final Assessment we will be submitting on April 1, 2009.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and input. We will be reviewing and using your input as we finalize the Assessment. While we value all of your input, please remember we will not be able to include all of your comments. We will also be reviewing your suggestions, and will not include any that are not practical, doable and sustainable, which is especially important given the State’s financial situation.

We will also use your comments when the Child and Family Services Review is completed during the development of our Program Improvement Plan.

Hawaii Statewide Assessment April 09 Draft(4-21):

Download The Assessment Draft


Last Revised: September 4, 2009